Art is the expression of one’s inner self.
Every art piece invokes certain reactions.
Cinema and video as media create
the biggest impact to intrigue
and create emotions / desires to the viewer.

My job is to create awesome experiences
through image and sound.

Directed & Edited

Kick The Bucket – Pano apo ta Sunnefa (music video) 2018

Do you hear me?                                                     (short film) 2017

Walkman the Band – Atari                             (music video) 2016

Romylos – Logia Alithina                               (music video) 2016

Mpliax 166: a Rock-umentary                  (documentary) 2016

A Card Artist’s Lucid Dream                             (short film) 2015

Tristan – Shadows in the dust          (live performance) 2014

Summer ‘06                                                            (short film) 2006

Digital Film

“We call it the invisible art and indeed it is
I mean the more invisible we are,
the better we are doing our job”
Craig McKay, Editor “The silence of the Lambs”
The composition of moving pictures and sound is an artform itself. Although the viewer cannot see the editing piece by piece, receives the whole picture through images, music, feelings and emotions!

It’s all about capturing the real world of light and shadows, textures and color. Breathtaking views, fast paced action and surprising dialogues are being filmed in Digital Cinema format (12bit) and color graded to perfection.


“Photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event, it’s proper expression”
Henri Cartier – Bresson

My art has many forms such as
business headshots, fine art
and magical landscapes.

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This is a collection of visual thoughts and experiences,
created with passion and professionalism.
I want to provide my visitors and customers,
a unique experience on digital art
through cinema, video and photography services.

You can learn more about my art
by contacting me through email and social media.

PS. Keep browsing to find the hidden gems (more about me).

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