Canon Selphy icc profile

I just got a new Canon selphy CP1200 and the colors where way off to what I had on my calibrated monitor. Searching on the web I could not find an icc profile for free since canon who makes the glossy paper didn’t provide any.

I really needed the What-You-See Is What-You-Get so I decided to make my own custom profile, proof print it and now that I find it about 98-99% accurate in terms of exposure/color balance, I share it with the world.

I couldn’t bypass the printers settings so I set everything to manual and actually use the 3D LUT version, applying it as a filter through photoshop before I print. If you can make the icc profile work please tell me how.

Please let me now if it worked well with your cp900 cp1200 cp1300 selphy printer and glossy paper. If you liked it, follow me on social media!

PS. Depending on the feedback I get from you guys (and girls) and the results as I print more and more I may change the color profile.

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  1. Downloaded the ICC profile but couldn’t get it to be recognised. If I add it in colour management devices as a profile I just get the message “Windows failed to associate the profile” The parameter is incorrect. I notice all of my working ICC profiles end. icc ( lower case), yours ends. ICC ( upper case). Don’t know if that makes any difference. File type is listed as ICC Profile in Windows file Explorer so not sure where it’s going wrong.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Did you try to manually change to lower case .icc ?? I had trouble myself too but since I custom made it in photoshop I’m using it as a layer. Did you try something like this?

      1. To be honest I didn’t try changing it to lower case but I will and if it is recognised then I’ll let you know : ) I didn’t try applying it as a layer in Photoshop mainly because in effect it becomes basically a LUT or filter rather than acting like a true ICC profile. I’m looking to add X rites i1 studio in the next few months so that I can create my own ICC profiles for my Canon Pro 100. Inevitably I’ll create one for my Selphy which I’ll be happy to send you once I’ve created it 😊

        1. Great! I’ll be waiting for your feedback. I also use the X-rite products for screen calibration.

      1. Did you try the 3DL file as well? Well, that’s a really old version of Photoshop…

  2. Did Dunnymonster ever send you his icc profile? I also can’t get yours to work as a icc profile.

  3. I think the problem of it not recognising is because it seems to only have intent for 16-bit to PCS conversion, whereas users are in 8-bit. There’s also no Lab Plot available in Mac’s ColorSync Utility, so some coding in the ICC profile went wrong.

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