Filming a 400km bicycle tour

There is something unique and amazing about cycling tours, the company, the ride, the nature. As well as the challenges like the weather, the fatigue, a flat tyre or two.

Some people call them randos, brevets, BRM, it doesn’t matter the name, I would love to ba able to ride them all but my phychical ability on the bike is only limited to the 200km brevets… So when I learned about the Pajotse 400, which is a wonderful ride through Pajottenland in Belgium, visiting some of the legendary breweries I though to myself.. since I can’t ride it, I can film it!

So there I am, with my trusty Canon Dslr and a shotgun microphone fitted inside my small bicycle backpack, helmet on, riding 20km from home to the start/finish point, the Gemeenschapscentrum De Cam in Gooik on my fixed gear bike!

Cyclists are very friendly people, and with a small introduction from my friend everyone was open to tell me his story in English. As I couldn’t follow them in the first uphill section with my fixed gear bike, I took a shortcut to rejoin them in Brussels, we cycled together through the city and I let them continue their epic ride. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the finish but I was sent some footage for that!